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If you don't know where you are, this is the product design portfolio for Josh Eyre.

Nonin Pulse Oxymeter

Nonin Pulse Oxymeter

What It Is

Nonin engaged with the consultancy I worked with to quickly design a new shell and screen for their next generation wrist oxymeter. This product is meant to be used by clinics to measure patient's blood oxygen content, over an extended period, as an out-patient.

When I Did It


What I Did

I conceptualized and designed the shell, with other product designers, along with the fixed segment UI (sole designer).

  • Conceptualize industrial designs
  • Devise component layouts
  • Task analysis
  • Screen design & specification

How I Did It

  • Pencil and Paper
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Client Engagement (Engineering and Product/Marketing)

What Happened

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Honeywell Vision Pro 8000

Honeywell Vision Pro 8000