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If you don't know where you are, this is the product design portfolio for Josh Eyre.

Loreal Matrix App

Loreal Matrix App

What It Is

I worked with Vain Media to update Loreal's Matrix application for iOS. The app is targeted towards salon professionals and serves as a hub for stylists to access editorial content and share tips. At this point, there was only an iPhone version of the app. We needed to design an iPad version, update the iPhone version, refresh the overall look, and add new content modules using, both, native and web-views.

When I Did It


What I Did

As is often the case, consultancy work can hit like a lightning bolt. I entered the picture as the project was already underway, and the updated architecture and wireframes needed to be churned out... yesterday!

  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframes
  • Art Direction/Visual Design

How I Did It

  • Pencil and Paper
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Product Management Engagement
  • Developer Engagement
  • Client Engagement

What Happened

Designed, built, and launched without a hitch. Metrics are unavailable/proprietary.

Silk Browser, Amazon

Silk Browser, Amazon

Honeywell Vision Pro 8000

Honeywell Vision Pro 8000