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Alexa Voice Shopping, Amazon

Alexa Voice Shopping, Amazon

What It Is

Due to the relative newness of, both, this generation of voice technology, and the product itself, the capabilities of Alexa are being defined and refined at a rapid pace. My job is to push the edges of the technology by designing more and more conversational "headless" voice shopping experiences. This encompasses empowering customers to comfortably order higher consideration items, more quickly reorder staples, and dive deeper into product information and Q&A, all pushing Alexa to maintain context for greater periods of time and pushing the edges of what a customer can do without a screen.

What I'm Doing

I'm one of the first dedicated voice designers for Alexa "headless" voice shopping and am currently working to set the vision for design-centric refinements and improvements of the Alexa dialog platform, designing most of the upcoming order building features, including the recent launch of the first multi-item ordering experience, which helps customers successfully build orders negotiating Prime Now's minimum order value restriction.

How I'm Doing It

  • Define opportunities
  • Develop customer use cases
  • Design customer flows
  • Collaborate with product managers, scientists, and developers to define new natural language understanding requirements
  • Develop and write Alexa prompts
  • Collaborate with user research to test with customers
  • Refine experiences
  • Deliver specifications to, and collaborate with, developers to implement
  • Monitor customer metrics
  • Rinse and repeat


2016 - Present

Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh