Skill Rundown

I have developed a diverse array of skills that would be invaluable to your company or project.


Drawing and sketching - I have been drawing since before I can remember and it's a big part of me. I am always thinking about how to get better, but my skills serve me well and can effectively communicate anything I need them to.

Model making - Using both my hands, and technology, I enjoy building realistic looking prototypes.

Basic/Intermediate Japanese language - I have taking 30 credits of Japanese language at University and am comfortable with the language (I just haven't been able to use it much for the past 5 years.)

Presentations - My comfort level has risen to the point where I am confident giving presentations to any sized group of people and relish the opportunity to interact with groups when it comes to generating ideas and improving them.


I feel comfortable using new software, quickly learn programs, and am equally happy on a PC or Mac. This is just a partial list of programs and technology that I have used for work.

  Software Cumulative Experience Description
  After Effects <1 year I have used After Effects several times over the years and know enough about it to do some cool stuff. The rust might hold me back for a few hours.
  ALIAS/Maya <2 years After immersing myself in this program for 3 straight months one summer (10-18 hours daily), I feel comfortable that whatever I can't do, I can figure out.
  AutoCad <1 year I have used AutoCad sparingly, but know enough to get up to speed without too much difficulty.
  Director <2 years I have done a few cd-rom projects with Director and know it well enough to get things done... as long as the programming is not really intense.
  Dreamweaver >7 years I know Dreamweaver very well.
  Fireworks >7 years Because I know Dreamweaver, I know Fireworks just as well.
  Flash >6 years I have spent lots of time building sites, cd-roms, and banners in Flash. I am not an expert coder, but I can figure pretty tough problems out when needed, but non actionscript related skills are top notch.
  Freehand >5 years Killed by Adobe's consumption of Macromedia, I used this program just as much as Illustrator and think of it fondly.
  Homesite >3 years I have spent a decent bit of time using Homesite as a back up to Dreamweaver. Does anyone still use it?
  Illustrator >5 years Although I didn't use it a lot for work in the beginning, I have been getting more and more stuff using Illustrator and have gotten pretty good with it. Illustrations, charts, animation setups for Flash... It's all good.
  InDesign >4 years I am wholeheartedly in the InDesign (over Quark) camp and am almost ashamed to admit how much I like the nuts and bolts importance of a program like InDesign and how easy it is made to get it done.
  Microsoft Office >10 years I know how to do lots with every program in the suite, including the composition of complicated macros.
  Photoshop >7 years Photoshop is like a huge dictionary... You can never come to grips with all of it. I know how to do lots of things with it, but will admit my 4 color, hardcore, print production type knowledge could use a little work.
  QuarkXPress <3 years InDesign's infiltration into the previously Quark owned print world has led to a decreased usage of it for work, but I got to know the program pretty well although I'm a little rusty.
  Rapid Prototyping <2 years I have been doing as much prototyping as possible and have familiarized myself with Dimension, Roland, and Z-Corp equipment along with several software packages and job management.
  Sketchup <3 years This is a great little program that I honestly haven't used for work too much, but I have designed an awful lot of houses in it for fun.
  Solidworks <3 years I have been using Solidworks on a regular basis for about 3 years and love it for its ease of use and rock solid modeling. Surfacing seems to be getting easier, and that's great!