News & Notes
  • Energy XT 2: Starting to mess around with this software. It's a small executable, but seems pretty powerful.
  • Native Instruments: I really want to start using Kontact more. I haven't had a lot of time for music recently but now that I'm expirimenting with Energy, I want to run Kontakt through it and start coming to grips.
Music Composition

Composing and recording music is one of my long-term hobbyist passions. I've been lucky enough to get paid for it occassionaly, and I would love to spend more time doing it. These are just a few examples of the many songs I've recorded and/or programmed over the years. I record with both real and virtual instruments.

Image"Sense of Humour"
< Electronic > 3min12sec 2.2 mb MP3
Recorded using Buzz. which is an open source sequencing program, this song was my first attempt using it. This song has a, might I say, hip-hop vibe to it. It's mostly cobbled together from random samples thrown into a "blender".
Image"Guernsey in the Hay"
< Electronic > 6min32sec 4.49 mb MP3
Also recorded using Buzz, this song represents the evolution and polish I was able to achieve after using the program for a little while. I use only 3 samples while everything else is programmed.
Image"Faulty 115"
< Electronic > 2min17sec 1.64 mb MP3

Another older Buzz song. It's probably the third song I recorded using the software. It's a simple, and short, piece using only a few programned instruments and a few film sound bites, which seems to be my thing while using Buzz.

Sound Clips

These are song sketches. Some of them will make it into full songs eventually. I have too many of these to count, but here are a few of them.

Image"Weatherworn Argyle"
< Not really sure what style > 58sec 919 k MP3

A clip of a song done in Reason.

Image"Cross to Bear"
< Pseudo Classical> 17sec 276 k MP3

Sometimes I try classical-ish sounds with varying degrees of success.