Industrial Design
Industrial Design Samples from the work of  Industrial Designer, Josh Eyre. The image contains examples of hand sketching, model making, illustration, soft goods prototypes, CAD drawing, and CAD rendering.

Various Projects - 2006/2007

Recent Projects

Industrial Design Thumbnaill Image of the Aurora Camping Lantern by Josh Eyre

Aurora Camping Lantern
Camping lanterns have traditionally been kerosene based, but they are starting to trend electric (especially when considering the casual camper.) The safety issues and ease of use won out for battery powered in this case as well.

Industrial Design Thumbnaill Image of the Boreas Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner by Josh Eyre

Boreas Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Shop vacuums notoriously misbehave in the same ways. They tip easily, look like dumpy lumps, and the hose and power cord get in the way when not in use... to name just a few. The Boreas design addresses some of the major quibbles.

Industrial Design Thumbnaill Image

Anne Taylor LOFT Times Square
Anne Taylor was looking for an exciting look and energetic layout for their new LOFT flagship store in Times Square. Our team got down to business and developed a dynamic space that millions of people walk past, and through, every year.